Finding cancer through Astrology

Uncontrolled growth of body cells anywhere in body is called Cancer. In General body cells are able to detect and repair DNA damage. If a cell is severely damaged and cannot repair itself it undergoes so called programmed cell death, but when damaged cells grow, divide and spread abnormally instead of self destructing it will lead to Cancer. Cancer cells can break away from their original mass of cells and travel through the blood and lymph system and lodge in other organs where they can again repeat the uncontrolled growth cycle which is called Metastasis. Cancer can be transmitted Genetically.

General Types of Cancers Disease :-
Cancers that begin in the skin or in tissues that cover internal organs like Skin, Lungs, Colon, Pancreas and ovaries.

Cancer that beings in bone, Cartilage , Muscle, Blood vessels or other connective tissues. Like bone and Soft tissue cancers.

Cancer that starts in blood forming tissue such as bone marrow and causes abnormal blood cells production. Like lymphoblastic leukemia’s, Myelogenous leukemia’s.

Lymphoma and Myeloma:-
Cancers that begin in cells of immune system. Like T-Cell lymphomas, B-Cell Lymphomas.

Central Nervous System Cancers:-
Cancers that begin in the tissues of brain and spinal cord. Like Brain Cancer, Spinal Cord Cancer.

These cancer cells do not originally develop. These type of Cancer occur because of transmission of Cancer cells from the above types.

Symptoms of Cancer : Symptoms will vary according to the type of Cancer.
General Symptoms are:-
Abnormal Weight loss, Fever, Excessive Fatigue, Change in Bowel or Bladder habits, Sore throat that does not heal, Unusual bleeding, Indigestion, Change in Size, Color, shape, Nagging Cough, Nausea, Vomiting.Recurring Infections which will not clear with usual treatments.

Causes of Cancer :
• Genetic Mutations, Inherited Genetics.
• Cancer-causing chemicals( carcinogens).
• Smoking, Radiation, Viruses.
• Improper diet, Obesity, Lack of exercise.
• Infections, Chronic Inflammation.
• Hormones by promoting cell proliferation

There are over hundred different known cancers that afflict humans. Some of them are :
Brain Cancer, Throat Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lungs Cancer, Liver Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Intestine Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Ovaries Cancer, Uterus Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Skin Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Bladder Cancer. Bone Cancer, Anal Cancer, Blood Cancer.

Astrological combinations for Cancer disease :
This disease comes under Long Term – Incurable – Fatal category. Planets responsible for cancer are Rahu, Jupiter, Moon and Saturn.
Rahu: Represents abnormal Growth.
Jupiter: Represents Systematic Growth
Moon: Represents Blood.
Saturn: Represents Pain and Fatal chronical Diseases.

Houses responsible for Cancer :
1st House: Represents body and life span.
6th House : Represents diseases.
8th House: Represents Life span and Death.
12th House: Represents long suffering, Hospitalization, Money expenditure and death.

Planets representing types of Cancer :
Sun: Causes Brain, Stomach, Bowel, and eye.
Moon: Causes blood, breast, lungs, heart and ovaries.
Mars: Causes blood, Genitals , Bone marrow, Rectum, and uterus.
Mercury: Causes Mouth, Nose, Ear, Neck, Nerves and Skin.
Jupiter: Causes Liver, Spleen, Gall bladder, Pancreas and Thighs.
Venus: causesGeneital organs, kidneys, Prostrate Gland, Throat, Endocrine Glands.
Saturn : Causes Bone, legs , hands, and Spinal cord.

Combinations for Cancer :
1. If 1st house lord is there in 6th, 8th or 12th house
2. If 1st Bhava star lord is the owner of 6th, 8th or 12th house.
3. If 6th 8th or 12th lord is there in 1st house.
4. If 6th lord is there in 1st 8th or 12th house.
5. If 8th lord is therein 1st, 6th or 12th house.
6. If 12th lord is there in 6th or 8th house.
7. If Rahu, Saturn, Moon or Jupiter is there in 6th, 8th, or 12th house.
8. If Rahu, Saturn, Moon or Jupiter are there in the star lordship of 6th, 8th 12th house lords.
9. If 1st and 8th house lords are weak.
10. If running dasha period lord is there in 6th, 8th, or 12th house or owner of these houses.
11. If running dasha period lord if there in Rahu star lordship which is there in 8th house.

In The given Horoscope

1. 6th House Lord Saturn is there in 1st House.
2. 6th House Bhava Star lord Moon is in 8th House.
3. 8th House Lord jupiter is there in 12th House.
4. 8th House Bhava Star Lord Saturn is the owner of 6th House.
5. 12th House Lord Moon is in 8th House.
6. 12th House Bhava Star Lord Saturn is the owner of 6th House.
7. From 2013 to 2023 he has been running Moon Main Dasha which is owner of 12th House and in 8th House which is also 6th House Bhava Star Lord.
8. All the above Planetary combinations are strongly indicating cancer disease and danger to life.