Balu Munnangi

Balu Munnangi comes from an agricultural family, having graduated with a B.Sc in Microbiology & Bio-Chemistry and a MBA from Nagarjuna University.

He started developing his gift early from 1998 at the age of eighteen with deep, dedicated and determined interest of occult subjects.

Over the past two decades he has been conducting significant research in

By Integrating Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology subjects he developed his own way of predicting the future with absolute accuracy.

Using these occult subjects as tools for self-mastery he is able to offer in-depth natal Astrology readings which addresses life path issues, personal & business challenges, career opportunities, relationship potentials and future trends.

In doing this he helps individuals, couples, families and business professionals accurately understand how this information can be used to benefit themselves and society.

With his extensive knowledge in Career Astrology, Balu Munnangi helps young professionals and business people attain their limitless potential to create excellence in their job function, businesses and overcome any challenges that they may face which can negatively impacts them to be in an organization or government leadership.

In addition to his mastery in the fields of business and personal transformation, Balu Munnangi has more focus and specializes in Medical Astrology due to his Micro Biology educational background and has been applying his knowledge in helping the people by forecasting when an individual will be prone to disease, the type of disease, exact period of the disease, period of suffering, severity and effects of disease, hospitalization, short term or long term impairment, chronic or fatal conditions. He uses Medical Astrology as a tool in creating a life that focuses on perfect health and full of abundance and optimal wellbeing.


Balu Munnangi has a vision to help society. He wants the world to understand that Astrology can be used in ways that will uplift humanity and create a life that is full of Success and Possibility.

Having now crossed 20 years of focused and dedicated research, Balu Munnangi is blessed with a large amount of clairvoyance, intuitiveness and spiritual virtues, that he uses to help people live life to the highest potential.

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